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Tuesday, November 3, 2009
I could never spell "Swarovski"
This isn't a new callaboration, but I never would've thought. The simple elegance of Swarovski in combination and harmony with trendy Aldo Accessories. Of course, when you hear this.. you really don't know what to expect. One is made to serve the financial yet urban needs of a buyer, while the other defines a woman's features and reveals where her love really lies, (after all, diamonds - or something shiny in this case - is a girl's best friend). Well I picked a few that I liked and I gotta say its not as bad as I thought it would be. The first piece really caught my attention. It's really art, pieced together so randomly that it just seems to work! This collection is coming out November 16, and will retail anywhere from 50 $ - 200 $.

Monday, November 2, 2009
In the Name of All That is Fabulous

80's inspired with that cutting edge. Glitter and glam, all make a girl look simply radiant. Yes.. satin, studs, sequins show that sparkle in your eye. Great to make a statement and be the girl that's the centre of the room.. Punk Rock? Party Girl? Whatever it is, I'm into it. Siri is the new face of Blanco and I'm loving it..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Three Things I Love About This Photo:

1) Blake Lively
2) The Jacket
3) The Boots

Let me just start off by saying that I love Blake Lively. I model my style after gossip girl, and mostly from her character, Serena. The actress herself has graced the city scene with her fashion sense, because I often find myself wanting to purchase what she has. She is definately one of my fashion icons.

Further more, her look in this picture is one of my favourites. I have often said that the new "fur" look is tacky, and a bit too tedious for me. I think i should've ate my words, because she has really proved me wrong. The fur on the leather jacket adds the PERFECT touch of authenticity to the biker look. I found out the jacket is called "Acne Rita Leather Biker Jacket". Let me just say it doensn't go for cheap though, retails for $ 1 203 CAD. (credit to coolspotters.com)

Next, the boots, Oh the gorgeous riding boots. I hope to have my own pair very soon. They seem to be rising in popularity these days. Well I don't know what exactly Blake is wearing, but I found a look alike, somewhat, from one of my favourite shoe brands Dolce Vita. It only retails for $142, so check it out yourself at http://www.shopdolcevita.com/.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Find Me Love

I'm starting to feel that rush, because seriously.. I think I'm in love

Looking for a playful asset to your closet? Velvet is the answer. It's in, it's hot... something to bring out the romantic side of any girl. It would be that one piece you would love having the feel on you, because it makes your skin so much more rich and soft. Velvet really does add so much volume.. it pronounces those extra pouty features. Who wouldn't be seduced by this?

**But beware, its good on its OWN and I really wouldn't pair it with other materials (especially silk), otherwise it would just be all over the place (but hey, that's just me!). 

**P.S The second item, (the blue midnight velvet dress) is apart of Leighton Meester (GOSSIP GIRL) 's CLOSET ! I love her . 

Monday, October 12, 2009

I spazzed when I saw this piece. I spazzed when I saw his other pieces, year after year he has not yet ceased to amaze me. What is it that is so intriguing with Balmain's collections? The clothing speaks for itself. The studs, the glitter! An epiphany of the glamorous life.  The tattered fabric has the hotness just seeping through. The bold outlook would fit a rock star. The intoxicating colour makes my blood pump harder. Utterly Dangerous.

Leggo my Kenzo

Here's Kenzo's SPRING 2010 RTW Line. The colours give off an urban serene feel, which is brilliant because it saturates a NATURAL ELEGANCE. The different array of patterns make a perfect outfit in the newly spring season. My favourite would definitely be the first one. The Patterned collar on the neutral gray makes it stand out all the more. Something I found similiar to all these pieces is that it brings out a tight waist with the belts, or even the pieces alone. It just brings everything together. 
Sunday, October 11, 2009
XOXO, You Know You Love Me

Hello, Leighton Meester. Definately one of my fashion icons. Here is Queen B in Paris rocking BIG LV. This piece is the harmony of CONTRAST and BLEND. The colour with the black, the different patterns seem to be complete polar oppisites, yet when put together, look so well. What I like most about this is that she took a risk, which is what most of us need to do. It's far from boring. Socks with heels? She worked it. Her ensemble is a street ready yet professional outlook. I think its something that highlights her character Bliar Wardorlf, the upper east sider. Her bag, in my opinion, matches perfectly with the getup.You would think that the dress is lively on its own, but let me just add.. the detail on the vest with the black and gold studded belt, GORGEOUS. 

The only thing I would say about this outfit it that it has probally aged her another 5 years. But hey, she's rich and famous. And would you say it is more office friendly than she intended it to be? 

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